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Primary Belt Cleaner
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Primary Belt Cleaner

Primary belt cleaner is installed on the surface of the head pulley belt, below the material drop track, to allow the material to detach smoothly from the belt.
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Trough Roller

Trough rollers are the components used to support belt and material loaded on the belt conveyor. The standard trough angles are generally divided into 10°, 20 °, 30 °, 35 ° and 45 °. 槽型托辊组是用来支撑输送带及输送带上承载物料的部件,标准槽角一般分为10°、20°、30°、35°、45°.
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CEMA Crown Pulley

Drum Pulleys are designed to meet CEMA Construction standard,Lagged Crown Faced Head/Tail Pulleys with taperlock bushings.
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Impact Bed

Impact bed is installed in the loading area of the conveyor belt to replace the traditional impact roller,Conveyor impact bed is designed to reduce shock and stress to conveyor belt caused by the falling materials, avoid abrasion and tear by sharp materials and prevent materials from falling and scattering. 缓冲床主要用于替代缓冲托辊,缓冲床由缓冲条组成,而缓冲条主要应用优良的高弹性特种橡胶层充分有效吸收了物料下落时的冲击力,大大降低了物料下落时对输送带的冲击,真正的改善了落料点的受力状况。
Product name

Wing Pulley

Wing pulley incorporate a non-continuous contact surface comprised of individual wings or fins. Also known as self-cleaning pulley, wing pulley is primarily used on the tail end of bulk handling system . This construction results in the creation of open voids that allow loose material to fall away from the contact surface. 翼形滚筒包含由单个翼片组成的非连续接触面,也称为自清洁滚筒,翼形滚筒主要用于散装处理系统的尾端。 这种结构会产生开放空隙,使松散物料从接触表面脱落。