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Conveyor System

Conveyor System

Overland Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor is a continuous conveying equipment which uses conveyor belt as traction and load-bearing component and carries material through the movement of conveyor belt. 带式输送机是以输送带作牵引和承载构件,通过承载物料的输送带的运动进行物料输送的连续输送设备。
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Tubular Belt Conveyor

Tubular belt conveyor is made up of section six-sided layout edge roller tape,which wrapped into overlapping each other into a circular tubular conveying material to a new type of belt conveyor. 管状带式机是由呈六边形布置的托辊把胶带裹成边缘互相搭接成圆管状来输送物料的一种新型带式输送机。
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Corrugated ribbed belt conveyor

Corrugated ribbed belt conveyor is mainly used for continuous conveying of large angles of bulk materials, adopts a conveyor belt with corrugated ribs and transverse partitions, and the conveying inclination angle is 0 to 90 degrees. 大倾角带式输送机主要用于散装物料的大倾角连续输送,采用具有波状挡边和横隔板的输送带,输送倾角为0~90度。
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Mobile belt conveyor

The bottom of the mobile belt conveyor is equipped with a universal wheel, which can be moved freely according to the stacking position of materials, and its height can be adjusted within the prescribed range. 移动带式输送机底部安装有万向轮,可以根据物料的堆放位置随意移动,其高度可在规定的范围内调节。
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