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Screw Flights

Screw flights are used in the screw conveyor, and the agitation and mixing of materials are completed during the conveying operation.
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Related Products

Product name

Impact Roller

Impact rollers are installed below the drop material section of the conveyor to reduce the impact of the falling material on the conveyor belt to prolong the service life of the conveyor belt. 缓冲托辊组安装在输送机受料段的下方,减小落料时物料对输送带的冲击,以延长输送带的使用寿命。
Product name

CEMA Crown Pulley

Drum Pulleys are designed to meet CEMA Construction standard,Lagged Crown Faced Head/Tail Pulleys with taperlock bushings.
Secondary belt cleaner is Installed on the face of the head pulley below the discharging point and are used to clean the residual material on the belt working surface. There are tungsten carbide blade and polyurethane blade available. 二级清扫器安装于头部滚筒附近平稳工作面处。用于清除头部滚筒下方附近的粘附物料,有碳化钨刀片和聚氨酯刀片可供选择.
Product name

Impact Bed

Impact bed is installed in the loading area of the conveyor belt to replace the traditional impact roller,Conveyor impact bed is designed to reduce shock and stress to conveyor belt caused by the falling materials, avoid abrasion and tear by sharp materials and prevent materials from falling and scattering. 缓冲床主要用于替代缓冲托辊,缓冲床由缓冲条组成,而缓冲条主要应用优良的高弹性特种橡胶层充分有效吸收了物料下落时的冲击力,大大降低了物料下落时对输送带的冲击,真正的改善了落料点的受力状况。