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Congratulations on the successful passing of SGS site certification

Congratulations on the successful passing of SGS site certification

Release time:
2021/03/27 16:31

Established in 1878 as a global third-party agency for testing, testing, certification, testing, testing, and certification. Certified in more than 140 countries around the world,

The SGS certification involves the company's basic information, trade capacity, production capacity and quality management, product design and R & D capacity, as well as after-sales service, financial credit and working environment, which can be described as a reference for the company Through the on-site strict audit, the certification experts highly appraised the operation of the group's various systems. They believed that the company's production process control was effective, the trade process was implemented in place, the product quality control was stable, the safety production management was standardized, and the operation of various systems was effective. They met the requirements of SGS certification and passed the certification successfully.