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Impact Bed

Impact bed is installed in the loading area of the conveyor belt to replace the traditional impact roller,Conveyor impact bed is designed to reduce shock and stress to conveyor belt caused by the falling materials, avoid abrasion and tear by sharp materials and prevent materials from falling and scattering. 缓冲床主要用于替代缓冲托辊,缓冲床由缓冲条组成,而缓冲条主要应用优良的高弹性特种橡胶层充分有效吸收了物料下落时的冲击力,大大降低了物料下落时对输送带的冲击,真正的改善了落料点的受力状况。
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Belt Cover

The belt cover has the function of rain-proof, dust-proof and wind-proof. It can protect the conveyed material from damaged and keep the belt running safe and reliable, thus protecting the environment on site.The belt cover are fabricated from galvanized steel or color plate with different profiles available.
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Elevator Buckets

Elevator buckets are arranged one by one on the traction components to complete the process of loading, lifting and unloading. It is usually made of steel plate stamped and then and then on the mould to connected and welded. There are other materials available. 提升机料斗是一个接一个布置在牵引构件上,完成装料、提升、卸料的过程,其一般采用钢板冲压后在胎具上拚状焊接而成,也有其他材料可供选择。
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Screw Flights

Screw flights are used in the screw conveyor, and the agitation and mixing of materials are completed during the conveying operation. 螺旋叶片应用于螺旋输送机上,在输送作业过程中同时完成对物料的搅拌、混合。
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XT Hub & Bushing

The XT hubs and bushings are uniquely designed specifically for conveyor pulley. This design utilizes a tapered bore bushing, providing all the holding power for conveyor pulleys, while providing easier installation and removal than other bushing types. XT系列轮毂和涨套专为输送机滚筒设计。这种设计采用锥形涨套,提供滚筒所需的涨紧力,同时比其他涨套类型更容易安装和拆卸。
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