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Beater Roller

Beater roller is another tool to defeat sticky material buildup on the return side of belt. We suggest installing the Beater roller in the first return roller location from the head pulley.
打浆辊是另一种可以防止皮带回程侧粘性物质堆积的工具。 我们建议将打浆辊安装在从头部滚筒开始第一个回程托辊的位置。
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Trough Roller

Trough rollers are the components used to support belt and material loaded on the belt conveyor. The standard trough angles are generally divided into 10°, 20 °, 30 °, 35 ° and 45 °. 槽型托辊组是用来支撑输送带及输送带上承载物料的部件,标准槽角一般分为10°、20°、30°、35°、45°.
Product name

Impact Roller

Impact rollers are installed below the drop material section of the conveyor to reduce the impact of the falling material on the conveyor belt to prolong the service life of the conveyor belt. 缓冲托辊组安装在输送机受料段的下方,减小落料时物料对输送带的冲击,以延长输送带的使用寿命。
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Offset Roller

Offset roller is incorporates an offset center roller design. This design eliminates roller gap and belt pinch and subsequent belt damage. 偏置托辊组是一种中心辊偏置的设计,这种设计消除了托辊间的缝隙和皮带之间的夹角对皮带造成的损坏。
Product name

Garland Roller

Garland roller comprises either 3-roller or 5-roller joined together at the ends of their respective shafts by special lugs, to form a continuous 'chain' of roller. On either end of this 'chain', the shafts are connected to an attachment bracket which enables the roller set to be attached to the conveyor stringer structures. 串辊由三节托辊或五节托辊组成,并通过连接片把各个托辊轴的端部连接在一起,形成一个连续的“链条”。