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Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt
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Corrugated Sidewall Conveyor Belt

The power plants, quarries, the mining industry and many more.
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HDPE Roller

HDPE Conveyor Rollers are designed to provide a longer operating life than steel rollers, especially in dirty and wet conditions. Designed to handle the same capacity as an equivalent steel roller, It‘s provides a non-corrosive shell and additional static face sealing system to further limit the ingress of dirt. Our HDPE rollers have been used extensively on conveyors transporting abrasive sand, iron ore, gold and platinum ore and coal. We can be supplied in many lengths and in a range of diameter and shaft combinations.
Vertical guide rollers are practical on both sides of the conveyor, or with the trough roller supporting the use.To promote the normal operation of transport, to achieve better self-aligning effect. 垂直导向辊实用于输送机两侧,或与槽型托辊配套使用。以促进运输的正常运行,达到更好的自动调心效果。
Primary belt cleaner is installed on the surface of the head pulley belt, below the material drop track, to allow the material to detach smoothly from the belt. 一级清扫器安装在头部滚筒输送带表面,在物料下落轨迹的下方,使物料顺利与皮带脱离。
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Impact Bed

Impact bed is installed in the loading area of the conveyor belt to replace the traditional impact roller,Conveyor impact bed is designed to reduce shock and stress to conveyor belt caused by the falling materials, avoid abrasion and tear by sharp materials and prevent materials from falling and scattering. 缓冲床主要用于替代缓冲托辊,缓冲床由缓冲条组成,而缓冲条主要应用优良的高弹性特种橡胶层充分有效吸收了物料下落时的冲击力,大大降低了物料下落时对输送带的冲击,真正的改善了落料点的受力状况。