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Elevator Buckets

Elevator buckets are arranged one by one on the traction components to complete the process of loading, lifting and unloading. It is usually made of steel plate stamped and then and then on the mould to connected and welded. There are other materials available.
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Trough Roller

Trough rollers are the components used to support belt and material loaded on the belt conveyor. The standard trough angles are generally divided into 10°, 20 °, 30 °, 35 ° and 45 °. 槽型托辊组是用来支撑输送带及输送带上承载物料的部件,标准槽角一般分为10°、20°、30°、35°、45°.
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Screw Flights

Screw flights are used in the screw conveyor, and the agitation and mixing of materials are completed during the conveying operation. 螺旋叶片应用于螺旋输送机上,在输送作业过程中同时完成对物料的搅拌、混合。
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Bend Pulley

Bend pulley is used to change the running direction of the conveyor belt. and according to its layout, it can be divided into tail pulley, take up pulley, snub pulley and so on. 改向滚筒用于改变输送带的运行方向。按其布置位置,可分为尾部滚筒、拉紧滚筒、增面滚筒等。
Primary belt cleaner is installed on the surface of the head pulley belt, below the material drop track, to allow the material to detach smoothly from the belt. 一级清扫器安装在头部滚筒输送带表面,在物料下落轨迹的下方,使物料顺利与皮带脱离。