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Belt Cleaner

Belt Cleaner

Primary Belt Cleaner

Primary belt cleaner is installed on the surface of the head pulley belt, below the material drop track, to allow the material to detach smoothly from the belt. 一级清扫器安装在头部滚筒输送带表面,在物料下落轨迹的下方,使物料顺利与皮带脱离。
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Secondary Belt Cleaner

Secondary belt cleaner is Installed on the face of the head pulley below the discharging point and are used to clean the residual material on the belt working surface. There are tungsten carbide blade and polyurethane blade available. 二级清扫器安装于头部滚筒附近平稳工作面处。用于清除头部滚筒下方附近的粘附物料,有碳化钨刀片和聚氨酯刀片可供选择.
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V-Plow Belt Cleaner

V-Plow Belt Cleaner is used to remove debris falling on the non-working surface of the branch under the conveyor belt to protect the bend pulley and the conveyor belt. V型空段清扫器用于清除落到输送带下分支非工作面上的杂物以保护改向滚筒和输送带。
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Brush Belt Cleaner

Brush belt cleaner is used for material cleaning of the return belt or the lower belt of the unloading pulley. For the cleaning effect of the conveyor belt with uneven surface is better. 滚刷清扫器用于回程皮带或卸载滚筒下部皮带的物料清扫。对表面凹凸不平输送带的清扫效果更佳。
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