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Conveyor Pulley

Conveyor Pulley

Drive Pulley

Conveyor pulley is the main element providing the transmission of torque from the drive and ensuring that belt remain taught. There are drive pulley, tail pulley and bend pulley. Drive pulley is the component that transmits power of conveyor.In order to increase pulley life and traction, it often has a larger diameter than other pulleys. As per different carrying capacities, the drive pulley can be divided into three categories:light duty, medium duty and heavy duty. 传动滚筒是输送机传递动力的部件。为了增加滚筒的使用寿命和牵引力,它通常比其他滚筒直径大。 根据不同的承载能力,传动滚筒可分为三类:轻型,中型和重型。
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Bend Pulley

Bend pulley is used to change the running direction of the conveyor belt. and according to its layout, it can be divided into tail pulley, take up pulley, snub pulley and so on. 改向滚筒用于改变输送带的运行方向。按其布置位置,可分为尾部滚筒、拉紧滚筒、增面滚筒等。
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CEMA Crown Pulley

Drum Pulleys are designed to meet CEMA Construction standard,Lagged Crown Faced Head/Tail Pulleys with taperlock bushings.
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Removable Lagging Pulley

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Wing Pulley

Wing pulley incorporate a non-continuous contact surface comprised of individual wings or fins. Also known as self-cleaning pulley, wing pulley is primarily used on the tail end of bulk handling system . This construction results in the creation of open voids that allow loose material to fall away from the contact surface. 翼形滚筒包含由单个翼片组成的非连续接触面,也称为自清洁滚筒,翼形滚筒主要用于散装处理系统的尾端。 这种结构会产生开放空隙,使松散物料从接触表面脱落。
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Spiral Cage Pulley

Spiral cage pulley has the function of removing the sticky materials on the belt and adjusting the belt misalignment. It can be used in the wet or severe environment with sticky materials.
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Alloy Nodular Cast Iron Rolls

Alloy Nodular Cast Iron Rolls (SG) These rolls are characterized by spherical graphite.Its mechanical properties are similar to that of alloy indefinite chilled rolls except that its strength is higher than the latter.They can be produced by static.
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Alloy Chilled Cast Iron Rolls

Alloy Chilled Cast Iron Roll It is a roll with a chilled surface. It has various alloys and is cast iron based. There is no free graphite in the working layer of the cast iron roll. It is featured as high hardness, good wear-resistance and the micro metallographic microstructure is fine pearlite and carbides. It's mainly used for the finishing mill for section steel, wire rod, strip, thin plate, and bar, the pre-finishing stands of high-speed wire and the roll ring of stretch reducing mill for seamless steel tube. KONWEYOUR is a professional manufacturer for high quality chilled cast roll with ISO, GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS standards and OEM and ODM are available.  
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