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CEMA Crown Pulley

Drum Pulleys are designed to meet CEMA Construction standard,Lagged Crown Faced Head/Tail Pulleys with taperlock bushings.
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Rubber disc return Roller is used on the return side of the conveyor belt.It can assist with the removal of fine grain or powdery materials that adhere to the belts surface. 梳型托辊组安装于输送带的回程侧,有助于去除粘附在输送带表面的细颗粒或粉状物料。
Spiral roller is used on the return side of the belt as belt cleaner.Spiral steel welded on the spiral roller act as a screw and push the build-up material on the centre to the edge of the belt.It's also can produced in spiral rubber. 螺旋托辊组安装在输送带的回程侧,起清扫作用。焊接在辊体上的螺旋钢可以把输送带回程侧上粘附的物料推到输送带边缘,也可以用螺旋橡胶制造。
Product name

Return Roller

Return roller is used to support the conveyor belt of return section. 回程托辊组用来支撑回程段的输送带。
Product name

Beater Roller

Beater roller is another tool to defeat sticky material buildup on the return side of belt. We suggest installing the Beater roller in the first return roller location from the head pulley. 打浆辊是另一种可以防止皮带回程侧粘性物质堆积的工具。 我们建议将打浆辊安装在从头部滚筒开始第一个回程托辊的位置。